Revolutionizing Social Media: The Power of NEAR Protocol in Promoting Fair Economies

Revolutionizing Social Media: The Power of NEAR Protocol in Promoting Fair Economies


The current state of social media is broken. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are designed to keep us hooked, consuming content that is designed to maximize ad revenue. This has led to several problems, including increased polarization, misinformation, and the spread of hate speech.

Web3 is a new paradigm for the internet that is built on blockchain technology. This technology allows for a more decentralized and transparent way of building and managing online communities. One key benefit of Web3 is that it can be used to create fair social media economies. 

Web2 and the Exploitation of User Data

In the current Web2 model, social media platforms are businesses. Their goal is to make money. To do this, they show you content that you are likely to engage with so that you will spend more time on the platform. This means that the platforms are constantly tracking your behavior, collecting your data, and selling it to advertisers.

4 Major Web2 Problems

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1) Privacy Concerns

This profit-driven approach has several negative consequences. First, it can lead to privacy concerns. When you use social media platforms, you are essentially permitting them to track your every move. This data can then be sold to advertisers, who can use it to target you with ads that are tailored to your interests.

2) Manipulation

Second, this approach can lead to manipulation. By understanding your interests and your biases, social media platforms can use their algorithms to influence your thoughts and behaviors. This can be seen in the way that social media platforms have been used to spread misinformation and incite violence.

3) Societal Divisions

Third, this approach can exacerbate societal divisions. When we are constantly bombarded with content that confirms our existing beliefs, it can become difficult to see things from other perspectives. This can lead to increased polarization and an overall decline in civility.

4) Raw Deal for Content Creators

Finally, you rarely receive a fair share of the value you create through your interactions on these platforms. The vast majority of the revenue generated by social media platforms goes to the platform owners, while you are left with little more than a free service.

A more humanistic approach to social media would focus on building relationships and communities rather than on maximizing profits. This would involve giving you more control over your data and your experience on these platforms. It would also involve using social media to promote positive values such as empathy, understanding, and compassion. 

NEAR Protocol and Web3 Economies

NEAR Protocol is a new way to build social media platforms that are fairer and more equitable for everyone. NEAR does this by using blockchain technology to distribute value directly to users, empower communities to build their economies, and ensure transparency and trust in transactions.

5 Ways NEAR Protocol Promotes Participation in Fair Economies

5 Ways NEAR Protocol Promotes Participation in Fair Economies.png

1) Content Creators are Rewarded for their Contributions 

When you create content, engage with others, or help to improve the platform, you are rewarded with tokens that have real value. This incentivizes you and other users to be active community participants and create high-quality content that benefits all participants.

2) Users can be Rewarded for Positive Behavior 

You can be rewarded with tokens for upvoting other users’ content, reporting spam and abuse, and following the platform’s terms of service. This would promote a more positive and productive community environment.

3) Communities Have More Control

Communities can design their economies and make decisions about how the platform is run. This gives users a sense of ownership and helps to ensure that the platform reflects the needs of the community.

4) Transactions are Transparent and Trustworthy

As a fast and scalable blockchain, NEAR Protocol ensures that all transactions are transparent and trustworthy. This builds trust among users and makes it difficult for fraudulent activities to take place.

5) Anyone can Participate

NEAR Protocol is open to anyone with an internet connection. This means that people from all over the world can participate in the community and contribute to the platform. This diversity of voices helps to create a more inclusive and democratic social media landscape.

Overall, NEAR Protocol is a new and innovative way to build social media platforms that are fairer, more equitable, and more democratic. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about social media and to create a more positive and productive online environment.


NEAR Protocol is a new and innovative way to build social media platforms that are fair, equitable, and democratic. It eliminates the exploitative practices of Web2 platforms, empowers users to claim their fair share of value, and fosters a more inclusive and user-centric social media ecosystem. As we move forward, it is essential to embrace these innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by centralized platforms and create a more positive and productive online future for everyone.


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