What is NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS)?

What is NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS)?

Just as your computer uses an operating system like MacOS or Windows, or maybe how your phone uses iOS or Android, NEAR Protocol is revolutionising the open web with a new operating system. This new platform allows you to create and use decentralized front-end applications on any blockchain(s) through the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS). NEAR Discovery is a flagship platform which acts as an operating system for creating and using decentralized applications. These applications can be built on different blockchains but accessed through NEAR Discovery, which is powered by the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

But First, What is an Operating System?

See, an operating system is like the boss or manager of a computer. It is a piece of software that controls and manages all the other software and hardware components in a computer. It acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer’s hardware, making it easier for users to interact with their computers and phones.

The OS performs essential tasks such as starting up the computer, managing files and folders, running applications, and handling communication between different parts of the computer. It provides a user-friendly interface, often with icons, menus, and windows, that allow you to perform tasks like browsing the internet, writing documents, playing games, and more.

Think of it as the backbone of your phone or computer. Without an OS, your device would not be able to function or run programs efficiently.

And What is a Blockchain Operating System?

A blockchain operating system is a software platform that is specifically designed to support and facilitate the development and usage of decentralized applications (DApps) on a blockchain network.

Just as a computer OS manages and controls the operations of a computer, a blockchain OS serves as the underlying infrastructure for building and running DApps on a blockchain. On a blockchain OS, a developer will access tools, frameworks, and protocols that make it easier to create dApps. 

So, What is NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS)?

The NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS) is a new platform that allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on multiple blockchains. BOS is built on top of the NEAR Protocol, which is a high-performance, carbon-neutral blockchain that is designed to be simple, secure, and scalable.

This revolutionary technology by NEAR Protocol enables developers to easily build DApps on BOS with a common runtime and a single deployment process. BOS also makes it easier for users to find and use DApps through a common discovery mechanism.

3 Key Features of NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS)

Common Runtime

NEAR BOS uses a common runtime for all DApps, which means that developers can write DApps in any language that is supported by the runtime. This means that the NEAR BOS provides a shared environment that allows developers to create decentralized applications using different programming languages.

Essentially as a developer when building software applications, you have to use specific programming languages and frameworks that are compatible with the underlying system. However, with BOS, NEAR Protocol provides you with the flexibility to write DApps in the programming language you prefer, as long as it is supported by the common runtime provided by NEAR.

This common runtime acts as a bridge between the different programming languages and the NEAR blockchain platform. You don’t have to learn a new programming language specific to NEAR. This flexibility makes it easier for you as a dev, to leverage your existing skills and tools while building decentralized applications on the NEAR blockchain.

Single Deployment Process

BOS provides a single deployment process for all DApps, enabling developers to deploy their DApps to BOS with a single command. The “single deployment process” means that a developer can deploy their DApps to BOS with a single command. This is in contrast to other blockchain platforms, where you may need to follow a complex and multi-step process to deploy their DApps.

Instead of needing to navigate through multiple complex steps, you can execute a single command, which is like giving BOS a specific set of instructions. This command triggers the deployment process, and BOS takes care of the rest, making the DApp available for users to interact with on the NEAR blockchain.

Some benefits of Single deployment process include:

Ease of use – Devs can deploy their DApps to BOS with a single command. This is much easier than following a complex and multi-step process.

Speed – The single deployment process saves you time and money. It also helps you to get your DApps to market faster.

Consistency – The single deployment process ensures that all DApps are deployed consistently. This helps to improve the security and reliability of DApps.

By providing a single deployment process, BOS simplifies the deployment experience for developers. Developers don’t have to worry about learning different deployment methods or dealing with complicated configurations.

Common Discovery Mechanism

BOS provides a common discovery mechanism for all DApps, which means that users can find and use DApps without having to know which blockchain they are running on. Typically, when using different DApps, users need to be aware of the specific blockchain they are running on, as different blockchains have different addresses, interfaces and even requirements. However, with BOS, users don’t have to worry about these technical details.

BOS provides a common discovery mechanism, which can be compared to something like a centralized directory that gathers information about various DApps built on different blockchains. This discovery mechanism allows you to search for and find DApps based on your interests and needs, without having to understand the underlying blockchain technology.

In essence, the common discovery mechanism in BOS simplifies the process of finding and using DApps for users. It relies on the BOS discovery mechanism to easily find and access DApps that align with your interests or needs. It saves you time and frustration, and it can help you discover new DApps that you may not have known about otherwise. 


FIVE Benefits of Using NEAR Protocol BOS

Some benefits of building on NEAR’s BOS include…


BOS’s interoperability allows Dapps to interact with each other, regardless of which blockchain they are built on. This helps break down barriers between different blockchains, allowing DApps to interact and work together. With this users access numerous possibilities such as cross-chain trading, where assets and items can be exchanged across different blockchains, and decentralized finance, where users can access a broader range of financial services across multiple blockchains.


Being built on NEAR Protocol means that BOS factors in the guaranteed security that comes with NEAR Protocol. This means that dApps built on BOS are protected by the same security features as the NEAR Protocol, such as Proof-of-Stake consensus and encryption.


BOS is designed to be scalable, so it can support the growing demand for Dapps. The system essentially is built to handle the ever-increasing demand for DApps. It is designed to accommodate a large number of users and transactions without encountering performance downtimes, providing a seamless and efficient experience for users. 


BOS is designed to be simple to use, so it can be used by developers and users with a variety of skill levels. With intuitive development tools and an easy-to-understand framework, it is easy even for new devs to blockchain, to quickly get started with building their own DApps on the platform. The simplicity of BOS simplifies the learning curve for developers and lowers the entry barrier for users. 


BOS has a strong community of developers and users who are committed to its success. The community surrounding BOS consists of passionate individuals who are committed to its success. They offer support, share knowledge, and provide resources to help people building on NEAR, learn about BOS and build their own DApps.


Blockchain is becoming more friendly, accommodating the needs of different users and different builders. Seemingly, NEAR Protocol is the boss with NEAR BOS, allowing users to effortlessly create and distribute innovative decentralized apps across any blockchain while helping build a more open web.

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