Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the Benefits of NEAR Horizon for Web3 Startups

Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the Benefits of NEAR Horizon for Web3 Startups

The industry bear market may still be biting, but the Web3 movement keeps growing every day, with innovative products gracing the markets. NEAR Protocol in particular continues to register new projects that promise to bring great changes in the blockchain industry at large. 

The rapid growth of the NEAR ecosystem and transition to the NEAR Blockchain Operating System has made NEAR a key player in Web3. NEAR BOS attracts developers of all kinds with great ideas, which if banked on, can help produce great products that serve humanity.

It is for this reason that NEAR has launched NEAR Horizon, which is an accelerator program for startup companies in the Web3 (decentralized web) space. NEAR Horizon aims to support and scale startup projects by connecting founders with mentors, service providers, and backers through a marketplace application.

What is NEAR Horizon

This is a new product on NEAR BOS for accelerating projects on NEAR Protocol. This product allows you to quickly and easily connect with contributors, service providers, backers, and more networks and options that promise to help your Web3 start-up thrive. 

NEAR Protocol has curated the most essential resources to help you run a successful Web3 business. This product allows you exclusive access to investors and funding teams from around the world.

It gets better as the product fully incorporates NEAR BOS features. It is easy to develop on the platform, NEAR Horizon is inherently secure, it is easy to onboard new projects to the platform, it is accessible to all, open source and transparent.


3 Benefits of Joining NEAR Horizon


As a developer, you will get funding to help you build and release your projects based on your ideal timelines. This funding is important to help you cover various expenses along your project and help you bring your idea to life.


This initiative introduces you to the right mentors who will add value to your project. Experienced developers and experts in the blockchain and Web3 fields will be available to offer advice, share their knowledge, and help you navigate the challenges you may encounter during your project development.

Access to a Global Network

NEAR Horizon opens doors to a vast network of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. If you’re looking for networks that provide valuable connections and opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and potential investment in your projects, NEAR Horizon is your answer.

NEAR Horizon essentially allows you and other participants to tap into a diverse community and leverage the expertise and resources available within it. This rich network increases the chances of your project succeeding. 

How can African Startups can Succeed with NEAR Horizon?

African Web3 startups have shown great potential lately in a number of fields. There are some that do not see the day of light simply because they need more mentorship and funding. NEAR Horizon is here to shed light on these projects and bring out their full potential.

African startups fail largely due to inadequate funding. This is because African founders fail to access the right networks of funders. With NEAR Horizon, African founders can receive financial support to build and launch their projects.

This funding is important as it helps the African founders hire human capital, including developers and marketers of their project, as well as acquire the needed resources required to scale the project.

NEAR Horizon exposes African founders to experienced experts in the field, who provide mentorship on navigating Web3. This exposure includes sharing international best practices in Web3 startup management, as well as giving tips on how to overcome management challenges. 

Perhaps the best bit about NEAR Horizon for African founders is the connection to a global network. This means that African startups will have the opportunity to connect with developers, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. These global networks create valuable partnerships that bring in additional support and help secure more investments for growth. 

African founders should consider signing up on the NEAR Horizon platform to reap the benefits it brings towards the success of their projects. The combination of financial support, mentorship, and access to a global network significantly enhances the chances of success for these startups.


NEAR Horizon makes Web3 business management much easier. This is through the provision of resources and tools needed for the success of Web3 startups. Web3 startups need funding, mentorship and the link to a global network, to increase their chances of survival.

African founders now have the chance to accelerate the growth of their startups and reap the benefits of global interconnectedness. It is time African ingenious ideas and projects are put on the global map. 


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